About Isotia

ISOTIA itself
Isotia was founded in 2006 by Peer Holm Jørgensen. The name is the Danish abbreviation of the location, where he wrote his first book Back-log. You may like to read it all at The ISOTIA story.

A people has the right to know its true history, as the future should be based on the past through present actions.

Our mission is to get the true story told for the people by the people. Locally and Globally..

ISOTIA Writing Concept
Isotia Writing Concept saw daylight in 2007 when the first upcoming writer, Jackline Alaka Buluma, was at the door. A number of other writers and eyewitnesses like Dewa Soeradjana has joined since then and a number of manuscripts are in the tube.

We support writers who agree to and in their works comply with the Isotia Writing Concept. It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately Isotia can not undertake to accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Any unsolicited manuscript received will be deleted at once.

However, if you believe in having a good story to be told you are welcome to email us for a discussion of possibilities please read about The Concept

Isotia does not publish works by itself, but cooperates with literary agents and publishers around the globe. Read more at Publishing rights.

Books of written in accordance with the Isotia Writing Concept standards are available in general book stores as well as from the internet stores.
Under each title you will find the publisher per language, country, region and format.

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