Dewa Soeradjana – eyewitness

Dewa Soeradjana has eyewitnessed and been involved in several crucial incidents since the Indonesian independence in 1945. “I feel obliged to tell my story as believe in it is important for the generations to come to know their nation’s true history,” he says at age 77.

Djani 1aDewa Soeradjana was  born in Bali 1938, in a village founded by his grandfather in 1926. He grew up in Bali and Malang, East Java, until he went to study in Bandung, West Java.

In 1961 he recieved a scholarship from the Indonesian government to study chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at that time a part of Yugoslavia, and graduated in October 1965. Due to the situation in Indonesia he accepted a new scholarship offered by the University of Ljubljana. Even though he continued to live in Slovenia, he became a part of the Indonesian history.

Already from the age of four Dewa Soeradjana has eyewitnessed and been involved in several important incidents in the modern Indonesian history with the planning to topple the Indonesian President Suharto in the early 1970s, as the highlight.
His amazing life is the source of “The Missing History”.

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From early 1968  to late 1981 he worked at SAVA-Kranj in Slovenia. After 13 years he resigned to join a trading company, which among other products were dealing with spareparts for petro-petrochemicals as well as pharmaceuticals. The company was located in Klagenfurt, Austria. As commercial manager he  was responible for the company’s interests in Yugoslavia.

In 1990 he left the company to found his own trading company dealing with agency activities in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and cosmetics. This company was also in Klagenfurt, Austria. In 2007 he retired as General Manager.

During the years he worked in Klagenfurt he remained living in Slovenia, which after only ten days of war in the summer of 1991, succecfully had gained sovereignity from Yugoslavia. In 2004 Slovenia became a member of the European Union (EU).

Even though he has lived more than fifty years of his life away from Indonesia, Dewa Soeradjana has never given up his Indonesian citizenship, even he has been offered to.

Today he plays an important role in the relation between Slovenian and Indonesian business as well as cultural life.

Dewa Soeradjana is a Doctor in chemistry. On 7 July 1981 he defended succesfully his PdH thesis at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

avala1952 Ms. “Avala” the cargoliner on which Dewa Soeradjana and other students travelled to Yugoslavia to study in 1961.



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