The Concept

“We do not challenge the recognized rules laid out for the noble art of writing.  We have set up our own.”
– Peer Holm Jørgensen, founder of Isotia

Isotia Writing Concept is free of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, social status, jealousy, political observance and any other agenda or influence that may hinder the freedom of the individual to express her or himself without being punished in any way for doing so, as long as the individual:

1) respect others as they are as well as their opinions.
2) doesn’t do harm neither physically nor mentally to others.
3) doesn’t do anything to the benefit of her or himself unless it at the same time is to the benefit of others.

We support persons with personal stories which meet The Isotia Philosophy, which stipulates that the Future of Mankind shall be linked to the Past through the Present.

We do not support neither persons with biased, narrow-minded and prejudiced opinions and views nor persons seeking revenge.

How do I come to fly under the wings of the Isotia Writing Concept?
If you believe in having a good story to be told you are welcome to email us to open a discussion of your possibilities at

Please do not mail us any text or any part of your idea without we ask for it.
If you write to us, we will mail you the directions of how to present your idea in a page or two for our evaluation.

Please note that Isotia does NOT publish books ourselves, but cooperates with publishers and literary agents around the globe.

Unfortunately Isotia can not undertake to accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Any unsolicited manuscript received will be deleted at once.

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